We’ve all seen the inspirational quotes and images on Facebook and Instagram, but what does this truly mean? What does it mean to support another woman’s endeavors while hungrily chasing your own?

I first came across Coffee & Cheesecake in 2014. Like many others I’d seen the inspirational photos and quotes that always kept me thinking, motivated and inspired when Island Muse was in its infancy stages. I remember checking out the Coffee and Cheesecake Facebook page and wondering who the creative genius was behind it. In short, Coffee & Cheesecake is about the promotion of wellness of amongst women and entrepreneurship all while encouraging women to look and feel their best.

I finally met Paula Paterson the founder of Coffee and Cheesecake in October 2014 after I’d interviewed a young lady for Island Muse. After a brief conversation and introduction, I was instantly welcomed into a group of ambitious and supportive women who were pursuing their dreams through their individual business ventures. Paula promoted and supported all my endeavors with Island Muse, all while encouraging the other women of Coffee and Cheesecake to do the same. You see that’s what you get when you join the Coffee and Cheesecake family, a family of entrepreneurial and supportive women all wanting to support your journey to success; whatever it may look like.

My Coffee and Cheesecake sisters encourage and support me, while keeping me motivated when I’m not sure what direction to take Island Muse. The love, support and friendships made have been priceless.

In short, focus, positive energy and love are the only prerequisites to join this exclusive group of women.